Friday, October 10, 2008


This is bitch. I've literally been through it all with bitch through the thick and the thin (pun intended) from wee lads in kindergarten, through the prepubescent junior high times, all the way to the present prepubescent college days here at Madison. Bitch fell a few notches in my book during the summer of 2006 as he struck a fancy with fellow rednecks and jumped on the country bandwagon. This made our usual joyous singalong drives to school a major conflict of interest. A fond memory of bitch is when he dipped chewing tobacco inbetween his toes with hopes to attract tiggo-bittys (box) to his highly practiced genitals, a maneuver which he has coined "the bait and switch". Bitch is an "All-madden" masterbaiter; he has mastered this fine art by simply being consistently repetitive in his practice. I have theorized that by mastering his own "stick", it has allowed him to translate the skill to pick up any video game controller and go on to dominate any opponent in any game with uncanny ability. The proudest moment of bitch's life came within the last year when he crossed paths with another probable veteran masterbaiter on xbox live, and was granted residual access to arguably the greatest tool for baiters everywhere, Xbox live is also the site where the famous "Ohhh Da babaaaay" call was phrased and is continued to be used in present dialogue. No one else has endured as much time with scunt as bitch. Many good times have already been framed in history, and I'm sure there are many more to come.

Here is the evolution of Bitch's nickname in case any of you are curious.


  1. As a fellow videoboxer, which Keri Sable do you enjoy the most? May I recommend "The Hitchhiker"

  2. that is so sweet scottieeeee. :)