Sunday, September 28, 2008

Brew crew and Baitin'

although I am a Twins fan, I would like to congratulate all Brewers fans around the world today as they have been relieved of the drought that has been the last 26 years. My highlight of the game was the celebration in the bullpen as if the relief pitchers were nothing more than just fans going crazy (especially McClung), since they knew they weren't going in and fucking up the masterpiece that CC painted. I also like how the Milwaukee Brewers are the only team that would celebrate with cans of miller light to complement the champagne.... Good to see the state of Wisconsin do something semi-decent this weekend. But in the mean time, inbetween time, you work your thing, I'll work mine ;)

--David Wright has a girl voice--


  1. Did you purposely not capitalize the first word?

  2. Yes, to intentionally undercut the success of Milwaukee and show its inferiority to other Major League clubs such as the Minnesota Twins.

  3. Brewers are in the playoffs?