Monday, December 8, 2008


So this blog came about four days too late as I have, to my roommates predictions, folded on my personal "no shave December" endeavor within a week of the official announcement.. There are hopes that the facial hair will blossom in due time to compensate for my bloodthirsty receding hairline.. On the plus side, big shout out to the liberal Dream Doctor, Joebama (he has been analyzing my dreams for the last week), for the clutch purchase of the "read my blog" T-shirt at a local thrift store for an impressive bargain of $3.99. i apologize for the short blog, alas I must get back to the studies.
Random Fact:A smerf is the size of Three apples.


  1. ahh yes, the pathetic attempt by said child to grow a thick and lush winter beard...such a scunty shame!