Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Boom Boom does Bam Bam

Over the next couple posts, I will express my view of the people I live with.

This is Boom Boom. From correcting grammar to finishing drawers*, he is very easily spotted as his large frame shines among the undersized tools that walk this campus. Some hobbies that boom enjoys include: scrabble, not showering, lounging, smoking cigarettes, drinking red dog, and playing halo. Boom is very passionate about his politics. His participation in the liberal party is quite similar to that of a third grader who is neck deep in mud from football at recess. Boom instilled fear in all the hearts of the residents of 111 I with an ulcer scare a few weeks back. I am happy to say he has made a full recovery and back to his old hobbies (see above). Even though he is packer fan, there is quite nothing like getting embraced by the bear claws that dwell south of the second amended arms he owns. If you ever need to contact boom you can probably find him doing his time honored sandstorm dance at parties, or tranquilly smoking Hookah Wednesday nights with Co.

* Asterisk denotes that the finishing of the drawer is now an event of the past since boom has stepped down from his position of finishing the drawer and no longer supports drinking of the drawer. Since boom is now done, I can safely say no one comes close to filling his shoes for finishing drawers. Last active drawer dates back to September 20, 2008 at the gracious household of 901 Oakland.


  1. OMG yes not only is a great post, but the fact u have the video of the dance just blew my mind!!!!!

  2. im lovin the shoutout to 901 oakland, representtt

  3. Boom boom has the agility and awareness of a cheetah