Friday, October 3, 2008


As the leaves turn brown, so does my heart-- towards girls that wear uggs that is. To all girls out there **NEWSFLASH** UGGS are NOT cute, they are ugly and make girls more unattractive. The sound of the name alone makes me gag, which is a shortened version of its nasty relative "ugly" . Ugliness aside, from what I hear, they are also extremely ineffective as they get drenched whenever you walk in the snow or water. So they are both ugly and useless, deeming them valid to be exterminated from the earth forever. Please, anyone who is currently wearing uggs while reading this do the world a favor; take a saw and sever your leg precisely below the kneecap and give yourself a slap on the wound in an act of self-mortification. This simple disciplinary action will save you from making the same mistake twice. I hope you learn your lesson.

and if I ever see this in public, help me god, I will sever my own legs so I would never have to share the same ground with these sad souls.


  1. Uggs suck, Keri Sable never wears Uhgz.
    Note: No Uhgz (1:37 min)

  2. Scottie mine never get wet in the rain and snow, they are amazing. And jordan LOVES THEM

  3. My brother recently commented on Ugg wearing in Colorado on one of my posts:
    Hopefully they'll figure it out soon (or at least start going topless while wearing Uggs - I'd be ok with that).