Thursday, October 9, 2008

Showin' (Mother of the Meathooks)

This is showin'. Graced by the hand Zeus himself at birth*, this monster is the strongest person living at 111 i north mills, bar none. Shortly after birth, doctors were awestruck at the strong meathooks he was born with instead of hands. Although he has abnormal brute strength, showin' still gets nervous when he lifts weights and usually calls upon myself to spot him while he gets his "freak" show on. Whenever I'm not available, showin' usually turns to close friend "Hicks" and usually gets his swell on playing tackle mud football shirtless in front of the serf with their other close dudes. Showin' has quite the repetoire of classes which include Ochem, fucking people up, women's studies, and meat processing and packaging-emphasis on hooking. Showin' has yet to show his superior strength to hurt any individuals in front of my eyes, but when that day comes, I invite you all to come hide under a large mountain with the hopes to hide from the forces that are sure to emerge from the depths of hell and destroy anything in its way.

-sidenote- don't thumb wrestle with his toes, his toes are stronger than your thumbs. It's been proven, You will lose.

* There has been speculation that Zeus possessed a needle and syringe filled with human growth hormone near the time of conception. Despite strong visual evidence, nothing is confirmed.

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